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Photo of Michele Molinaro,

Michele Molinaro REALTOR®

I am Michele Molinaro – NYC born and raised who has found her slice of Paradise in North Carolina!! My journey here has taken me to many places. A few years ago we relocated to North Carolina and I realized right away that this was home. Clayton, NC is a place wrapped in southern charm, where people know your name when you walk into their shops, where you can find a quaint Main Street to stroll or quiet walking trails to unwind after a long day – It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I have found my “Happy Place”!

My husband Tony and I have been married for over 29 years and enjoy a life of true partnership in marriage and business. Our first business was, as young newlyweds, owners of a successful Italian restaurant in the state of Connecticut. Looking for new ways to grow that business, in 1997 we found the world wide web. That first restaurant website led to us becoming successful online entrepreneurs. That success allowed us to eventually move to the next chapter of our lives – we sold the restaurant, we had an income that would sustain our lifestyle from our internet businesses, and we left snow and ice and moved to the sunshine state of Florida, where we built a custom home on the Gulf of Mexico. After several years and several visits to North Carolina it was time to down size and Cary was the perfect choice.

I realized with each change of address, how I immediately fell into the “moving groove” and how my college interior decorating courses and my certification in home staging complimented the excitement I felt during the entire process.

From New York, to Conneticut, to Florida and finally North Carolina – first to Cary and now Clayton I feel confident in saying my clients will be dealing with a “Relocation Expert".

I was raised to be an independent thinker and hard working businesswoman. My mentor was my Dad, a retired New York City police officer turned private business owner who passed on his philosophy to all 3 of his daughters - which simply put was “no whining, bite hard, bite first, don’t let go – but ALWAYS keep your focus on treating people with kindness, fairness and respect”.

Life can sometimes throw you a curve ball and how you handle those defining moments can set the stage for tackling our everyday challenges. When my step-son had a car accident that resulted in traumatic brain injury (TBI) I took on the role of advocate and championed the challenges of the TBI community. I developed a support chapter in our hometown and testified at the state capital to expand the rights of the disabled.

We have been extremely fortunate with the success of our internet businesses and Tony is thriving on the challenges of continuing to reach new levels of achievement; which gives me the ability to persue what I have had on my bucket list for some time now; being a REALTOR®. This new chapter in my life will allow me to combine all my decades of business and sales experience with my expansive internet knowledge and that means I will be helping each and every new client I have at VFG Realty to find their “Happy Place”.

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